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Convert GeoJSON to OSM XML
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Converts GeoJSON to OSM data.


  • as a command line tool:

      $ npm install -g geojsontoosm
      $ geojsontoosm file.geojson > file.osm
  • as a nodejs library:

      $ npm install geojsontoosm
      var geojsontoosm = require('geojsontoosm');
  • included a browser: Install browserify globally, probably need sudo:

      $ npm install -g browserify
      create the js file for the browser: 
      $ browserify node_modules/geojsontoosm/index.js -d --s geos  > dist/pizza.js
      Now include pizza in your project
      <script src="dist/pizza.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
      And you can call with geos() in your project:
      var xml = geos(JSON.parse(json));
      or as text
      var xml = geos(json);
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