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Official demo is avaliable at here :

What I do is just to supply more details on how to configure scatter. Thanks Bandon's instruction in first hand , it is this Bandon's demo proves that scatter can work with eosforce without any change in source code.

  • eos.js is eosforce specific version.

  • should run in a local webserver. in ScatterWebExtension/src/copied/manifest.json, since it's filter do not support file:// prefix, so this demo can not directly be opened as a file, it should be opened in a localhost webserver.

    "content_scripts": [
    "matches": [
    "https:///" <--- missing "files://*" in scatter, so demo.html can not be opened as a file directly ],
    "js": ["content.js"],
    "run_at": "document_end"

Setup Scatter for Chrome

1 - Install

In Chrome browser, open link : chrome extensions , Search 'scatter', install the first one, which should provided by

2 - Open scatter

click scatter's icon in chrome's extention list, then click setting icon

3 - Goto network setting page

in setting page, click 'network' menu item, also you can change language first.

4 - New eosforce configuration

click 'New' to setup a new network configuration

5 - Setup && save

In configuration, setup as the picture then save, the chainID should be : bd61ae3a031e8ef2f97ee3b0e62776d6d30d4833c8f7c1645c657b149151004b

6 - Congratulation!

Your scatter is ready for eosforce now!
You can ask others in eosforce telegram group to create a new account for you(must with the public key your supplied), then transfter the asset to your junior account.
Also, you can use scatter to do more in eosforce, just wait a while, we are working for new toys!