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# Upgrade script for the gPodder Win32 release
# Injects new data into an old win32 release to build a new release
# Thomas Perl <>; 2011-04-08
# Required files:
# - An old win32 release
# - The source tarball of the new release
# - The (binary) Debian package of the new release
# - The source tarball of the most recent mygpoclient
# - The source tarball of the most recent feedparser
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import re
import glob
if len(sys.argv) != 6:
print """
Usage: %s <oldzip> <newsource> <deb> <mygpoclient> <feedparser>
<oldzip>, e.g.
<newsource>, e.g. gpodder-2.14.tar.gz
<deb>, e.g. gpodder_2.14-1_all.deb
<mygpoclient>, e.g. mygpoclient-1.5.tar.gz
<feedparser>, e.g. feedparser-5.0.1.tar.gz
""" % sys.argv[0]
progname, old_zip, source_tgz, deb, mygpoclient_tgz, feedparser_tgz = sys.argv
print '-'*80
print 'gPodder Win32 Release Builder'
print '-'*80
m = re.match(r'gpodder-(\d+).(\d+)', old_zip)
if not m:
print 'Unknown filename scheme for', old_zip
old_version = '.'.join(m.groups())
print 'Old version:', old_version
m = re.match(r'gpodder-(\d+).(\d+).tar.gz', source_tgz)
if not m:
print 'Unknown filename scheme for', source_tgz
new_version = '.'.join(m.groups())
print 'New version:', new_version
m = re.match(r'gpodder_(\d+).(\d+)-(.*)_all.deb$', deb)
if not m:
print 'Unknown filename scheme for', deb
deb_version = '.'.join(m.groups()[:2]) + '-' +
print 'Debian version:', deb_version
m = re.match(r'mygpoclient-(\d+).(\d+).tar.gz', mygpoclient_tgz)
if not m:
print 'Unknown filename scheme for', mygpoclient_tgz
mygpoclient_version = '.'.join(m.groups())
print 'mygpoclient version:', mygpoclient_version
m = re.match(r'feedparser-(\d+).(\d+).(\d+).tar.gz', feedparser_tgz)
if not m:
print 'Unknown filename scheme for', feedparser_tgz
feedparser_version = '.'.join(m.groups())
print 'feedparser version:', feedparser_version
print '-'*80
print 'Press any key to continue, Ctrl+C to abort.',
if not deb_version.startswith(new_version):
print 'New version and Debian version mismatch:'
print new_version, '<->', deb_version
def sh(*args, **kwargs):
print '->', ' '.join(args[0])
ret =*args, **kwargs)
except Exception, e:
print e
ret = -1
if ret != 0:
print 'EXIT STATUS:', ret
old_dir, _ = os.path.splitext(old_zip)
new_dir = old_dir.replace(old_version, new_version)
target_file = new_dir + '.zip'
source_dir = source_tgz[:-len('.tar.gz')]
deb_dir, _ = os.path.splitext(deb)
mygpoclient_dir = mygpoclient_tgz[:-len('.tar.gz')]
feedparser_dir = feedparser_tgz[:-len('.tar.gz')]
print 'Cleaning up...'
sh(['rm', '-rf', old_dir, new_dir, source_dir, deb_dir,
mygpoclient_dir, feedparser_dir])
print 'Extracting...'
sh(['unzip', '-q', old_zip])
sh(['tar', 'xzf', source_tgz])
sh(['dpkg', '-X', deb, deb_dir], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
sh(['tar', 'xzf', mygpoclient_tgz])
sh(['tar', 'xzf', feedparser_tgz])
print 'Renaming win32 folder...'
sh(['mv', old_dir, new_dir])
copy_files_direct = [
print 'Replacing data files...'
for pattern in copy_files_direct:
from_files = glob.glob(os.path.join(source_dir, pattern))
to_files = glob.glob(os.path.join(new_dir, pattern))
to_folder = os.path.dirname(os.path.join(new_dir, pattern))
if to_files:
if not os.path.exists(to_folder):
sh(['mkdir', to_folder])
if from_files:
print 'Copying translations...'
sh(['cp', '-r', os.path.join(deb_dir, 'usr', 'share', 'locale'), os.path.join(new_dir, 'share')])
print 'Copying icons...'
sh(['cp', '-r', os.path.join(deb_dir, 'usr', 'share', 'icons'), os.path.join(new_dir, 'icons')])
print 'Replacing Python package gpodder...'
sh(['rm', '-rf', os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages', 'gpodder')])
sh(['cp', '-r', os.path.join(source_dir, 'src', 'gpodder'), os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages')])
print 'Replacing Python package mygpoclient...'
sh(['rm', '-rf', os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages', 'mygpoclient')])
sh(['cp', '-r', os.path.join(mygpoclient_dir, 'mygpoclient'), os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages')])
print 'Replacing Python module feedparser...'
sh(['rm', '-f', os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages', '')])
sh(['cp', os.path.join(feedparser_dir, 'feedparser', ''), os.path.join(new_dir, 'lib', 'site-packages')])
print 'Building release...'
sh(['rm', '-f', target_file])
sh(['zip', '-qr', target_file, new_dir])
print 'Cleaning up...'
sh(['rm', '-rf', old_dir, new_dir, source_dir, deb_dir,
mygpoclient_dir, feedparser_dir])
print '-'*80 + '\n'
print 'Successfully built gpodder', new_version, 'win32 release:'
print ' ', target_file, '\n'
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