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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# gPodder - A media aggregator and podcast client
# Copyright (c) 2005-2018 The gPodder Team
# gPodder is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# gPodder is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# -- gPodder Configuration Manager
# Thomas Perl <> 2007-11-02
import atexit
import logging
import os
import time
import gpodder
from gpodder import jsonconfig, util
_ = gpodder.gettext
defaults = {
# External applications used for playback
'player': {
'audio': 'default',
'video': 'default',
# settings
'mygpo': {
'enabled': False,
'server': '',
'username': '',
'password': '',
'device': {
'uid': util.get_hostname(),
'type': 'desktop',
'caption': _('gPodder on %s') % util.get_hostname(),
# Various limits (downloading, updating, etc..)
'limit': {
'bandwidth': {
'enabled': False,
'kbps': 500.0, # maximum kB/s per download
'downloads': {
'enabled': True,
'concurrent': 1,
'concurrent_max': 16,
'episodes': 200, # max episodes per feed
# Behavior of downloads
'downloads': {
'chronological_order': True, # download older episodes first
# Automatic feed updates, download removal and retry on download timeout
'auto': {
'update': {
'enabled': False,
'frequency': 20, # minutes
'cleanup': {
'days': 7,
'played': False,
'unplayed': False,
'unfinished': True,
'retries': 3, # number of retries when downloads time out
'check_connection': True,
# Software updates from
'software_update': {
'check_on_startup': True, # check for updates on start
'last_check': 0, # unix timestamp of last update check
'interval': 5, # interval (in days) to check for updates
'ui': {
# Settings for the Command-Line Interface
'cli': {
'colors': True,
# Settings for the Gtk UI
'gtk': {
'state': {
'main_window': {
'width': 700,
'height': 500,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'paned_position': 200,
'episode_list_size': 200,
'episode_column_sort_id': 0,
'episode_column_sort_order': False,
'episode_column_order': [],
'preferences': {
'width': -1,
'height': -1,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'config_editor': {
'width': -1,
'height': -1,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'episode_selector': {
'width': 600,
'height': 400,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'episode_window': {
'width': 500,
'height': 400,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'export_to_local_folder': {
'width': 500,
'height': 400,
'x': -1, 'y': -1, 'maximized': False,
'toolbar': False,
'new_episodes': 'show', # ignore, show, queue, download
'live_search_delay': 200,
'search_always_visible': False,
'podcast_list': {
'all_episodes': True,
'sections': True,
'view_mode': 1,
'hide_empty': False,
'episode_list': {
'descriptions': True,
'view_mode': 1,
'columns': int('110', 2), # bitfield of visible columns
'always_show_new': True,
'download_list': {
'remove_finished': True,
'html_shownotes': True, # enable webkit renderer
# Synchronization with portable devices (MP3 players, etc..)
'device_sync': {
'device_type': 'none', # Possible values: 'none', 'filesystem', 'ipod'
'device_folder': '/media',
'one_folder_per_podcast': True,
'skip_played_episodes': True,
'delete_played_episodes': False,
'max_filename_length': 120,
'custom_sync_name': '{episode.sortdate}_{episode.title}',
'custom_sync_name_enabled': False,
'after_sync': {
'mark_episodes_played': False,
'delete_episodes': False,
'sync_disks': False,
'playlists': {
'create': True,
'two_way_sync': False,
'use_absolute_path': True,
'folder': 'Playlists',
'youtube': {
'preferred_fmt_id': 18, # default fmt_id (see fallbacks in
'preferred_fmt_ids': [], # for advanced uses (custom fallback sequence)
'preferred_hls_fmt_id': 93, # default fmt_id (see fallbacks in
'preferred_hls_fmt_ids': [], # for advanced uses (custom fallback sequence)
'vimeo': {
'fileformat': '720p', # preferred file format (see
'extensions': {
'enabled': [],
# The sooner this goes away, the better
gPodderSettings_LegacySupport = {
'limit_rate': 'limit.bandwidth.enabled',
'limit_rate_value': 'limit.bandwidth.kbps',
'max_downloads_enabled': 'limit.downloads.enabled',
'max_downloads': 'limit.downloads.concurrent',
'episode_old_age': 'auto.cleanup.days',
'auto_remove_played_episodes': 'auto.cleanup.played',
'auto_remove_unfinished_episodes': 'auto.cleanup.unfinished',
'auto_remove_unplayed_episodes': 'auto.cleanup.unplayed',
'max_episodes_per_feed': 'limit.episodes',
'show_toolbar': 'ui.gtk.toolbar',
'episode_list_descriptions': 'ui.gtk.episode_list.descriptions',
'podcast_list_view_all': 'ui.gtk.podcast_list.all_episodes',
'podcast_list_sections': 'ui.gtk.podcast_list.sections',
'episode_list_view_mode': 'ui.gtk.episode_list.view_mode',
'podcast_list_view_mode': 'ui.gtk.podcast_list.view_mode',
'podcast_list_hide_boring': 'ui.gtk.podcast_list.hide_empty',
'episode_list_columns': 'ui.gtk.episode_list.columns',
'auto_cleanup_downloads': 'ui.gtk.download_list.remove_finished',
'auto_update_feeds': 'auto.update.enabled',
'auto_update_frequency': 'auto.update.frequency',
'auto_download': 'ui.gtk.new_episodes',
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def config_value_to_string(config_value):
config_type = type(config_value)
if config_type == list:
return ','.join(map(config_value_to_string, config_value))
elif config_type in (str, str):
return config_value
return str(config_value)
def string_to_config_value(new_value, old_value):
config_type = type(old_value)
if config_type == list:
return [_f for _f in [x.strip() for x in new_value.split(',')] if _f]
elif config_type == bool:
return (new_value.strip().lower() in ('1', 'true'))
return config_type(new_value)
class Config(object):
# Number of seconds after which settings are auto-saved
def __init__(self, filename='gpodder.json'):
self.__json_config = jsonconfig.JsonConfig(default=defaults,
self.__save_thread = None
self.__filename = filename
self.__observers = []
# If there is no configuration file, we create one here (bug 1511)
if not os.path.exists(self.__filename):
def register_defaults(self, defaults):
Register default configuration options (e.g. for extensions)
This function takes a dictionary that will be merged into the
current configuration if the keys don't yet exist. This can
be used to add a default configuration for extension modules.
def add_observer(self, callback):
Add a callback function as observer. This callback
will be called when a setting changes. It should
have this signature:
observer(name, old_value, new_value)
The "name" is the setting name, the "old_value" is
the value that has been overwritten with "new_value".
if callback not in self.__observers:
logger.warn('Observer already added: %s', repr(callback))
def remove_observer(self, callback):
Remove an observer previously added to this object.
if callback in self.__observers:
logger.warn('Observer not added: %s', repr(callback))
def all_keys(self):
return self.__json_config._keys_iter()
def schedule_save(self):
if self.__save_thread is None:
self.__save_thread = util.run_in_background(self.save_thread_proc, True)
def save_thread_proc(self):
if self.__save_thread is not None:
def __atexit(self):
if self.__save_thread is not None:
def save(self, filename=None):
if filename is None:
filename = self.__filename'Flushing settings to disk')
# revoke unix group/world permissions (this has no effect under windows)
umask = os.umask(0o077)
with open(filename + '.tmp', 'wt') as fp:
util.atomic_rename(filename + '.tmp', filename)
logger.error('Cannot write settings to %s', filename)
util.delete_file(filename + '.tmp')
self.__save_thread = None
def load(self, filename=None):
if filename is not None:
self.__filename = filename
if os.path.exists(self.__filename):
data = open(self.__filename, 'rt').read()
new_keys_added = self.__json_config._restore(data)
logger.warn('Cannot parse config file: %s',
self.__filename, exc_info=True)
new_keys_added = False
if new_keys_added:'New default keys added - saving config.')
def toggle_flag(self, name):
setattr(self, name, not getattr(self, name))
def update_field(self, name, new_value):
"""Update a config field, converting strings to the right types"""
old_value = self._lookup(name)
new_value = string_to_config_value(new_value, old_value)
setattr(self, name, new_value)
return True
def _on_key_changed(self, name, old_value, value):
if 'ui.gtk.state' not in name:
# Only log non-UI state changes
logger.debug('%s: %s -> %s', name, old_value, value)
for observer in self.__observers:
observer(name, old_value, value)
except Exception as exception:
logger.error('Error while calling observer %r: %s',
observer, exception, exc_info=True)
def __getattr__(self, name):
if name in gPodderSettings_LegacySupport:
name = gPodderSettings_LegacySupport[name]
return getattr(self.__json_config, name)
def __setattr__(self, name, value):
if name.startswith('_'):
object.__setattr__(self, name, value)
if name in gPodderSettings_LegacySupport:
name = gPodderSettings_LegacySupport[name]
setattr(self.__json_config, name, value)
def migrate_defaults(self):
""" change default values in config """
if self.device_sync.max_filename_length == 999:
logger.debug("setting config.device_sync.max_filename_length=120"
" (999 is bad for NTFS and ext{2-4})")
self.device_sync.max_filename_length = 120