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Windows Installer Build Scripts

We use msys2 for creating the Windows installer and development on Windows.

This is an adaptation of QuodLibet's own installer <> which is Copyright 2016 Christoph Reiter.


For developing on Windows you have two choices.

  1. Just use an existing gPodder installation plus a git checkout:
    • Clone the git repo with some git client
    • Download and install the latest installer build:
    • Go to the git checkout and run %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\gPodder\bin\python.exe bin/gpodder.
  2. Use proper msys2 environment

Setting Up the MSYS2 Environment

  • Download msys2 64-bit from
  • Follow instructions on
  • Execute C:\msys64\mingw32.exe
  • Run pacman -S git to install git
  • Run git clone
  • Run cd gpodder/tools/win_installer to end up where this README exists.
  • Execute ./ to install all the needed dependencies.
  • Now go to the application source code cd ../..
  • To run gPodder execute ./bin/gpodder

If you want to use py.test directly you have to unset the MSYSTEM env var: MSYSTEM= py.test tests/

Creating an Installer

Simply run ./ [git-tag] and both the installer and the portable installer should appear in this directory.

You can pass a git tag ./ release-3.8.0 to build a specific tag or pass nothing to build master. Note that it will clone from this repository and not from github so any commits present locally will be cloned as well.

Updating an Existing Installer

We directly follow msys2 upstream so building the installer two weeks later might result in newer versions of dependencies being used. To reduce the risk of stable release breakage you can use an existing installer and just install a newer gPodder version into it and then repack it.

./ gpodder-3.10.2-installer.exe [git-tag]