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Don't fail if update server is down (bug 2067)

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thp committed May 3, 2016
1 parent af779e0 commit 3c6df11dd34715b137e64b02e975991ce90d1599
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@@ -3108,7 +3108,16 @@ def check_for_updates(self, silent):
If silent=False, a message will be shown even if no updates are
available (set silent=False when the check is manually triggered).
up_to_date, version, released, days = util.get_update_info()
up_to_date, version, released, days = util.get_update_info()
except Exception as e:
if silent:
logger.warn('Could not check for updates.', exc_info=True)
title = _('Could not check for updates')
message = _('Please try again later.')
self.show_message(message, title, important=True)
if up_to_date and not silent:
title = _('No updates available')

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