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Maintainer for needed

What's is a podcast directory, with an integration into podcasting applications. All the source code required for running is open source.

Why is a new maintainer needed?

Some effort is required to keep a website or web service running and up-to-date. I (the current maintainer) have enough time to keep the system up and running for now, but no time to do any improvements and other development.

What are the tasks?

  • developing new features
  • fixing bugs
  • responding to bug reports
  • keeping the system up and running

What requirements are there to a new maintainer?

  • Python knowledge
  • Basic understanding of web technologies
  • Basic understanding of relational databases

What do you gain from maintaining

  • You gain experience in an ecosystem of web services and apps
  • You will have first-hand experience of running a web service, with all pitfalls that can't be learned by theory alone
  • You cooperate with other experienced developers in the podcasting world

Who pays for running

Currently the external operating costs for are limited to the domain. Hosting is donated by There are occasional donations from users to compensate for the expenses. There have been occasional requests for running ads on the site, but these have mostly been turned down.

How would the handover work?

I imagine a handover period of several months, with a gradual transition of system access and duties. This would be accompanied by explanation of code and setup.

I preserve the right to cancel the handover if I deem necessary.

What if there is no new maintainer?

If now maintainer is found, will most likely be shut down by the end of 2019.


Please write to

-- Stefan Kögl

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