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Commits on Oct 20, 2012
  1. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #1623 from mbabker/getActions

    pasamio authored
    Replace use of removed getActions method
  2. @mbabker
  3. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1620 from ianmacl/legacy_test_fixes

    LouisLandry authored
    Fixing store and retrieve factory state methods.
  4. @ianmacl
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
  1. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #1619 from LouisLandry/legacy

    pasamio authored
    Move the installer and updater packages to legacy.
  2. @LouisLandry
  3. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1615 from mbabker/githubAccount

    LouisLandry authored
    Add JGithubAccount object
  4. @mbabker

    Add JGithubAccount object

    mbabker authored
  5. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1603 from dongilbert/jmodellegacytests

    LouisLandry authored
    More JModelLegacyTests
Commits on Oct 18, 2012
  1. @dongilbert

    adding new tests for JModelLegacy

    dongilbert authored
    adding __construct test for JModelLegacy
    adding new stubs for fully testing addIncludePath and getInstance
    fixing coding style
    Move stub classes to their own files
    Fix coding style
  2. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1548 from florianv/jinput

    LouisLandry authored
    Add cleanRecursive method to JInputFilter + getAll method to Jinput
  3. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1609 from dongilbert/jtablefix

    LouisLandry authored
    Fix JTable::addIncludePath - includes tests
  4. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1614 from ianmacl/github_status

    LouisLandry authored
    Added object connector for Github statuses API.
  5. @ianmacl
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. @LouisLandry

    Merge pull request #1613 from mbabker/loadResultArray

    LouisLandry authored
    Replace use of non-existant loadResultArray (Fix #1611)
  2. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #1612 from LouisLandry/gc

    pasamio authored
    Bootstrap/Import file fixes and disable GC during test runs.
  3. @mbabker
  4. @LouisLandry

    Cleaning up bootstrap/import files and adding gc_disable() to PHPUnit

    LouisLandry authored
    boostrap files to reduce the likelyhood of a PHP induced segfault during
    long running test suites.
  5. @dongilbert
  6. @ianmacl

    Merge pull request #1608 from oc666/databasequery_syntaxfix

    ianmacl authored
    fix documentation of insert function (thanks to foxession)
  7. @oc666
Commits on Oct 14, 2012
  1. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #1599 from ianmacl/githubtests

    pasamio authored
    Fix up test coverage for Github classes.
Commits on Oct 13, 2012
  1. @ianmacl

    Merge pull request #1601 from nprasath002/JGithubLabels

    ianmacl authored
    JGithublabels management
  2. @nprasath002
  3. @nprasath002
  4. @nprasath002

    Fixing a type in docs

    nprasath002 authored
  5. @nprasath002
  6. @nprasath002
  7. @nprasath002

    unit tests for edit Label

    nprasath002 authored
  8. @nprasath002
  9. @nprasath002
  10. @florianv

    Add default case to getArray

    florianv authored
  11. @ianmacl
  12. @ianmacl
  13. @ianmacl
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