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Audio Transcription Tool

transcribe is a tool to assist the transcription of audio data. It is originally oriented to help to qualitative research process.

transcribe goal is to be simple and easy to use. Its basic features includes:

  • Variable speed playback.
  • Replay some seconds before pause.
  • Input audio can be any format supported by GStreamer.
  • Constant pitch when using variable speed.
  • Basic text editor with hotkeys.
  • Automatic audio mark placement to navigate through the audio file.

I started transcribe as a toy project because I needed a tool to transcribe my interviews in Linux. Audacity was overkill, it supports variable speed playback, but I could not find a way to set a play a couple of seconds earlier after a pause, which is useful for transcription. Conceptually, the application is simple: it shows a slider with the audio file, that allows me to navigate through the file, a play/pause button and a speed slider (to set the speed playback).

Some nice enhancements would be:

  • Add foot-pedals support
  • Manage an audio list. A simple list of audio and text that belongs to a same project.

Transcribe requires PyGObject, GTK+3 and GStreamer 1.0.1.