extensions to fancyvrb, including automatic line breaking and improved math mode
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fvextra - extensions and patches for fancyvrb

fvextra is a LaTeX package that provides several extensions to the fancyvrb package. It also patches some fancyvrb internals.

fancyvrb is one of the primary packages for working with verbatim text in LaTeX. fvextra builds on fancyvrb by adding support for automatic line breaking and improving math mode, among other things. It provides a reimplemented \Verb command that works (with a few limitations) inside other commands, even in movable arguments and PDF bookmarks. It also provides \EscVerb, which is similar to \Verb except that it works everywhere without limitations by allowing the backslash to serve as an escape character.

Many of the improvements provided by fvextra are geared toward typesetting computer code. Parts of fvextra were originally developed as part of the pythontex and minted packages.


The easiest option with an up-to-date LaTeX distribution like TeX Live or MiKTeX is to use the package manager. Depending on how LaTeX is configured, you may already have fvextra installed, and can update it with the package manager if necessary.

To try the development version, simply download fvextra.sty and put it in the same directory as your document.

There are many resources online for manual package installation. The LaTeX Wikibook might be one place to start. Note that for manual installation, the style file fvextra.sty is pre-generated and available for download.


This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3 or later.