@gpoore gpoore released this Jan 31, 2015 · 60 commits to master since this release

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  • Added the compatibility package minted1, which provides the minted 1.7 code.
    This may be loaded when 1.7 compatibility is required. This package works with
    other packages that \RequirePackage{minted}, so long as it is loaded first.
  • Moved all old \changes into changelog.
  • Caching is now on by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented compiling under Windows when file names
    contained commas.
  • Added breaksymbolleft, breaksymbolsepleft,
    breaksymbolindentleft, breaksymbolright, breaksymbolsepright,
    and breaksymbolindentright options. breaksymbol,
    breaksymbolsep, and breaksymbolindent are now aliases for the
    correspondent *left options.
  • Added kpsewhich package option. This uses kpsewhich to locate
    the files that are to be highlighted. This provides compatibility
    with build tools like texi2pdf that function by modifying
    TEXINPUTS (#25).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented \inputminted from working with outputdir.
  • Added informative error messages when Pygments output is missing.
  • Added final package option (opposite of draft).
  • Renamed the default cache directory to _minted-<jobname> (replaced
    leading period with underscore). The leading period caused the cache
    directory to be hidden on many systems, which was a potential source
    of confusion.
  • breaklines and breakbytoken now work with \mintinline (#31).
  • bgcolor may now be set through \setminted and \setmintedinline.
  • When math is enabled via texcomments, mathescape, or
    escapeinside, space characters now behave as in normal math by
    vanishing, instead of appearing as literal spaces. Math need no
    longer be specially formatted to avoid undesired spaces.
  • In default value of \listoflistingscaption, capitalized “Listings” so that
    capitalization is consistent with default values for other lists
    (figures, tables, algorithms, etc.).
  • Added newfloat package option that creates the listing
    environment using newfloat rather than float, thus providing
    better compatibility with the caption package (#12).
  • Added support for Pygments option stripall.
  • Added breakbytoken option that prevents breaklines from breaking
    lines within Pygments tokens.
  • \mintinline uses a \colorbox when bgcolor is set, to give more
    reasonable behavior (#57).
  • For PHP, \mintinline automatically begins with startinline=true (#23).
  • Fixed a bug that threw off line numbering in minted when
    langlinenos=false and firstnumber=last. Fixed a bug in \mintinline that
    threw off subsequent line numbering when langlinenos=false and
  • Improved behavior of \mint and \mintinline in draft mode.
  • The \mint command now has the additional capability to take code
    delimited by paired curly braces {}.
  • It is now possible to set options only for \mintinline using the new
    \setmintedinline command. Inline options override options specified via
  • Completely rewrote option handling. fancyvrb options are now handled on the
    LaTeX side directly, rather than being passed to Pygments and then
    returned. This makes caching more efficient, since code is no longer
    rehighlighted just because options changed.
  • Fixed buffer size error caused by using cache with a very large
    number of files (#61).
  • Fixed autogobble bug that caused failure under some operating
  • Added support for escapeinside (requires Pygments 2.0+; #38).
  • Fixed issues with XeTeX and caching (#40).
  • The upquote package now works correctly with single quotes when
    using Pygments 1.6+ (#34).
  • Fixed caching incompatibility with Linux and OS X under xelatex
    (#18 and #42).
  • Fixed autogobble incompatibility with Linux and OS X.
  • \mintinline and derived commands are now robust, via \newrobustcmd
    from etoolbox.
  • Unused styles are now cleaned up when caching.
  • Fixed a bug that could interfere with caching (#24).
  • Added draft package option (#39). This typesets all code using
    fancyvrb; Pygments is not used. This trades syntax highlighting
    for maximum speed in compiling.
  • Added automatic line breaking with breaklines and related options
  • Fixed a bug with boolean options that needed a False argument to
    cooperate with \setminted (#48).