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User libraries is a sub-package where useful Python modules contributed by users are stored.



Authors: Jackson W. Massey, Cemil S. Geyik, Jungwook Choi, Hyun-Jae Lee, Natcha Techachainiran, Che-Lun Hsu, Robin Q. Nguyen, Trevor Latson, Madison Ball, and Ali E. Yılmaz

Contact: Ali E. Yılmaz (, The University of Texas at Austin

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Attribution/cite: Please follow the instructions at

AustinMan and AustinWoman are open source electromagnetic voxel models of the human body, which are developed by the Computational Electromagnetics Group at The University of Texas at Austin. The models are based on data from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project.


FDTD geometry mesh showing the head of the AustinMan model (2x2x2mm ^3).

The following whole body models are available.

Model Resolution (mm ^3) Dimensions (cells)
AustinMan 8x8x8 86 x 47 x 235
AustinMan 4x4x4 171 x 94 x 470
AustinMan 2x2x2 342 x 187 x 939
AustinMan 1x1x1 683 x 374 x 1877
AustinWoman 8x8x8 86 x 47 x 217
AustinWoman 4x4x4 171 x 94 x 433
AustinWoman 2x2x2 342 x 187 x 865
AustinWoman 1x1x1 683 x 374 x 1730

Package overview



  • The main body tissues are described using a 3-pole Debye model, but not all materials have a dispersive description.
  • The dispersive material properties can only be used with the 1x1x1mm or 2x2x2mm AustinMan/Woman models. This is because the time step of the model must always be less than any of the relaxation times of the poles of the Debye models used for the dispersive material properties.
  • is a script to assist with creating a model of only the head from a full body AustinMan/Woman model.

How to use the models

The AustinMan and AustinWoman models themselves are not included in the user libraries sub-package.

To insert either AustinMan or AustinWoman models into a simulation use the #geometry_objects_read.


To insert a 2x2x2mm ^3 AustinMan with the lower left corner 40mm from the origin of the domain, using disperive material properties, and with no dielectric smoothing, use the command:

#geometry_objects_read: 0.04 0.04 0.04 ../user_libs/AustinManWoman/AustinMan_v2.3_2x2x2.h5 ../user_libs/AustinManWoman/AustinManWoman_materials_dispersive.txt

For further information on the #geometry_objects_read see the section on object contruction commands in the :ref:`Input commands section <commands>`.


FDTD geometry mesh showing the AustinMan body model (2x2x2mm ^3).