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Tile creator for gpsinfo
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A user friendly, GPL3 licensed tile creator for WMTS/gpsinfo based services. See for more information.

Compilation on Windows (Visual Studio 2017)

gpsinfo_create depends on

At the time of writing this document, both dependencies were available as Visual Studio 2017 prebuild binaries. Hence, we recomment to build gpsinfo_create in 64-bit with Visual Studio 2017.

We use the cmake build system (, that allows to generate a Visual Studio solution from the accompanied CMakeLists.txt. Copy local_config_EXAMPLE.config in the source tree's root to local_config.cmake and edit the latter to provide the paths to both Qt and gdal.


These are instructions for a simple manual deployment on windows

  • Compile a 64-bit executable of gpsinfo_create with Visual Studio 2017.
  • Copy the generated gpsinfo_create.exe executable to an empty directory that we refer to as DIR in the following.
  • Open the 'Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2017' and change to DIR.
  • In order to add all necessary Qt runtime files to DIR, run C:\Qt\5.12.4\msvc2017_64\bin\windeployqt.exe --no-compiler-runtime --no-translations --no-quick-import --no-system-d3d-compiler --no-webkit2 gpsinfo_create.exe
  • Copy the contents of gdal-2.4.2-vs2017-x64\bin to DIR
  • Distribute DIR

Compilation on Linux (Ubuntu et al.)

Compilation on Linux is straight forward. Install the development packages of QT 5 and gdal, generate Makefiles with cmake (create local_config.cmake as described in above section windows compilation) and run them.

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