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Vagrant File & Chef file for Ubuntu Box

  • Install a Standard Web stack (Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Install Postgres, Mongodb
  • Imagemagick
  • NodeJS & npm
  • RVM, Ruby 1.9.3 & Rails stack
  • Composer installation
  • Symfony install thru Composer

Prerequisite gem : Vagrant, Librarian

Usage : Clone the Git Repository :

Execute bundle install command to install all required Gem

Inside the chef-repo folder, execute foolowing recipe to get the latest chef Cookbook.

  • librarian-chef install

Then you have to install a box as empty as possible :

  • vagrant box 'myminibox' urltotheboxfile

Launching the box :

  • vagrant up

Will install the box and provision using the chef repo

I can provide an empty ubuntu box on demand