A Gruntified version of Reverie, a versatile HTML5 responsive WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation.
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Grunterie is a WordPress theme based on Reverie, a "versatile HTML5 responsive WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation." Reverie is set up to use the Compass gem to compile SCSS. With Grunterie you can still use Compass but you also have the ability to use lib-SASS and all of the other grunt plugins.

If you're in to Grunt, or not, and want to stay on the cutting edge, here are some things that are great about Grunterie.

  • Bleeding edge - Built with Foundation 5.5.2
  • Includes all the great features in Reverie (Really, I didn't change much)
  • Ready out-of-the-box if you don't want to bother with SASS
  • Built using the instructions in the Foundation docs
  • Takes full advantage of Grunt
  • Built to compile SCSS with lib-SASS by default
  • You can still use Compass! (It's easy, you'll just need follow some quick instructions below.)


Update: You no longer have to build this theme yourself; it should be ready to go. That being said, if you want to customize the theme with SASS using lib-sass or Compass instead of writing vanilla css, you'll still need to follow the directions below.

You'll need to have the following items installed before continuing.

  • Node.js: Use the installer provided on the NodeJS website.
  • Grunt: Run [sudo] npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Bower: Run [sudo] npm install -g bower


git clone https://github.com/gpspake/grunterie.git
cd grunterie
npm install && bower install

While you're working on the project, run:


And you're set!

Directory Structure

  • scss/_settings.scss: Foundation configuration settings go in here
  • scss/app.scss: Application styles go here (Probably no need to mess with this.)
  • scss/style.scss: Theme styles go here (Copied from Reverie with Compass stuff commented out.)

#Using Compass

If you want to use Compass, Grunterie comes with the grunt-compass-contrib plugin.

To use Compass, you'll need to make sure the compass gem is installed (gem install compass) and uncomment a few sections in the gruntfile.js file. There are detailed instructions about what to comment and uncomment in the file.

After that, just run grunt