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Laravel + Zurb Foundation

####2 in 1 Laravation makes getting started easy by combining two powerful frameworks:
Laravel - "the PHP framework for web artisans" and
Zurb Foundation - "The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world."

####Choose between LibSass or Compass

Laravation comes with grunt-libsass and grunt-contrib-compass so you can use Grunt even if you use Compass.

####Twig Support
If you prefer Twig to Blade, Laravation is ready-to-go with TwigBridge. To learn more, check out TwigBridge on Github.

####Fast Development with Custom Generators
Laravation also comes with the Laravel 4 Generators package by Jeffrey Way. For more information, check out Laravel-4-Generators on Github

####Props Laravation was inspired by Larastrap by @MemphisPHP



  • Ruby 1.9.3
    • Foundation Gem
    • Compass Gem


  • Run Composer Install
composer install
  • Install Bower and Grunt (If you haven't already)
sudo npm install -g bower grunt-cli
  • Run Bower Install
bower install

##Updating Foundation Laravation was created as a Libsass project using the Foundation Gem.

  • Install the Foundation Gem (Requires Ruby).
gem install foundation
  • Update Foundation with a single command
foundation update

For more information check out Getting Started With SASS in the Foundation Docs

##SASS Laravation uses Grunt to compile SASS.
You can use LibSass (grunt-libsass) or unleash the power of Compass (grunt-contrib-compass).
Compass is really powerful and has a lot of great features but it requires the Compass Gem and takes a longer to compile than Libsass. The choice is yours.

###Using Compass If you want to use Compass, you'll need the Compass Gem (Requires Ruby)

  • Install the Compass Gem
gem install compass

grunt-contrib-compass is already loaded up and ready to go so, once you've installed the gem, just comment out the 'sass' build task in Gruntfile.js and uncomment the 'compass' one.

  • It should look like this
//grunt.registerTask('build', ['sass']);  
grunt.registerTask('build', ['compass']);
  • Then just run grunt

Note: Since Compass is handled by grunt, there's no need for a config.rb file but you can still use one if you want. For more information, check out grunt-contrib-compass

###Using Libsass If you aren't interested in using Compass, there's no extra work required.

  • Just run grunt.


Laravel + Zurb Foundation




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