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This script is a meant to be a tool for the lazy admin to update mediawiki to the latest stable version. It is not yet "feature complete" (see the "#TODO" comments) but works for now. It was intended to also work when run as cron job (for the laziest of us).

mediawiki-updater does the following:

  • check for a new version
  • backup MySQL database
  • move current installation to backup path
  • download new MediaWiki release
  • extract new release to temporary folder
  • copy new release
  • copying LocalSettings.php from previous version
  • copying images from previous version
  • copying skins from previous version
  • copying extensions from previous version
  • remove old backups (but keeps the latest 3)
  • run the "maintenance/update.php" script


bash script

The bash script uses the following executables:

  • awk
  • basename
  • grep
  • head
  • mkdir
  • mysqldump
  • php
  • sed
  • tar
  • wget