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Where the GPU for the Web work happens!
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Jiawei-Shao and kainino0x Set mipLevelCount and arrayLayerCount to 0 in TextureViewDescriptor b…
…y default (#407)

* Set default values of mipLevelCount and arrayLayerCount to 0 in TextureViewDescriptor

The default value of mipLevelCount and arrayLayerCount should be 0 in
TextureViewDescriptor to specify the texture view will cover all the
mipmap levels and array layers of the original texture when base mipmap
level and base array layer is also 0.

* Allow mipLevelCount to be non-zero when mipLevelCount == 0
Latest commit 767e515 Aug 22, 2019

W3C GPU for the Web Community Group

This is the repository for the W3C's GPU for the Web Community Group.

We'll use the wiki as the main source of information related to the work. This repository will hold the actual specification, examples, etc.


The charter for this group is maintained in a separate repository.


Membership in the Community Group is open to anyone. We especially encourage hardware vendors, browser engine developers, 3d software engineers and any Web Developers with expertise in graphics to participate. You'll need a W3C account to join, and if you're affiliated with a W3C member, your W3C representative will confirm your participation. If you're not a W3C member, you're still welcome. All participants are required to agree to the Contributor License Agreement.


You are not required to be a member of the group in order to file issues, errors, fixes or make suggestions. Just a github account. We simply require that any significant contribution of technology come from members, so that we can ensure no IP complications down the line.

All contributions must comply with the group's contribution guidelines.

Code of Conduct

This group operates under W3C's Code of Conduct Policy.

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