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Implementation Status

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This page shows the current implementation status of the WebGPU API spec in browsers. It also lists some resources (samples, demos) for enthusiastic web developers. Also note the WebGPU Shading Language spec that's hosted separately.

The mailing list is a good place to ask questions or provide feedback on the API.

You can also join the chat on Matrix in the "Web Graphics" Matrix Community: The general WebGPU channel is

Implementation Status

Chromium (Chrome, Edge, etc.)

WebGPU has begun shipping to Mac/Windows/ChromeOS in Chrome 113 and Edge 113! As always, developers should develop against Chrome Canary or Edge Canary. Increased reach, other platforms, and bug fixes are ongoing.1

Android Chrome OS Linux Mac Windows
121 113 👷 Behind a flag2 113 113

1 For details, look at the WebGPU-related components in the Chromium/Dawn/Tint issue tracker: Search these before filing new bugs.
2 The chrome://flags/#enable-unsafe-webgpu flag must be enabled (not enable-webgpu-developer-features). Linux experimental support also requires launching the browser with --enable-features=Vulkan.

Firefox and Servo

These browser implementations are based on wgpu project in Rust.

Platform-independent features:

  • WGSL shaders
    • validation
    • overridable constants
    • behavioral analysis
    • uniformity analysis (present currently, but not up to spec)
  • buffer mapping
  • core features:
    • render bundles
    • compute
  • errors
    • error model
    • error scopes
    • graceful device lost handling
  • presentation
Platform-dependent features Vulkan D3D12 Metal
present surface sharing
bounds checks ✔️ ✔️ (not needed) ✔️ (missing vertex pulling)


WebGPU is enabled by default in Nightly Firefox builds.

All the issues and feature requests are tracked by the Graphics: WebGPU component in Bugzilla. For more details, see the Mozilla wiki.


Work in progress, enabled by "dom.webgpu.enabled" pref.

Safari (In Progress)

WebGPU is enabled by default in Safari Technology Preview.

In macOS Sequoia betas it is testable via the "Feature Flags" in Safari Settings. See release notes for Safari Technology Preview 185.

In the iOS 18 betas and visionOS 2 betas, it is available via Settings -> Apps -> Safari -> Advanced -> Feature Flags -> WebGPU






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