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WebGPU F2F Meeting 27 Sept 2018

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Meeting is Thursday 27 September, 2018, starting at 9am and ending when we're happy.


The meeting will be at Apple Park. It is essential that you register to attend, because you will need a pass in advance in order to get into the campus. Please put your name on the list below and email Myles and/or Dean.

The most convenient place to park is the Visitor's Center. There is above ground and below ground parking.

Unless the email instructions say otherwise, walk from the Visitor's Center into the main Apple Park entrance (called the Tantau entrance). Show your invitation pass to security. Myles and Dean will be waiting in the foyer to show people to the meeting room. Our phone numbers are in the mail sent to the internal list.

Lunch and coffee

Apple will provide tickets for lunch at the company cafe.

There is a coffee bar in the building which does both espresso and filtered drinks.


Apple is hosting a dinner with the WebGL Working Group on Wednesday 26 September. Details are in email. Partners, spouses are welcome.

Agenda and Notes

The agenda and notes are in the usual place.

Remote participants


  • Myles Maxfield, Apple
  • Dean Jackson, Apple
  • Thomas Denney, Apple
  • Corentin Wallez, Google
  • Ken Russell, Google
  • Kai Ninomiya, Google
  • Dan Sinclair, Google
  • David Neto, Google
  • Austin Eng, Google (maybe)
  • Jeff Gilbert, Mozilla
  • Rafael Cintron, Microsoft
  • Yunchao He, Intel
  • James Darpinian, Google

Please add your name here if you're attending. If you don't have write access to the wiki, send an email to Dean.

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