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iOS Code to enable VESC communication via Adafruit UART Friend.

This project can log real time data from the VESC into a mobile app. It does not control the VESC, it only reports back on VESC data such as Amps, Battery Voltage, RPM, etc.

VESC Logging App


Grab yourself a VESC -
Grab yourself an Adafruit UART Friend -
Find yourself a connector:
Note the 2mm spacing, not standard 0.1"

Wire these two together:
Please be careful - this is based on VESC hardware revision 4.7. Check your VESC hardware

  • VESC Pin 1 (RX) -> Adafruit TX
  • VESC Pin 2 (TX) -> Adafruit RX
  • VESC Pin 4 (GND) -> Adafruit GND + Adafruit CTS
  • VESC Pin 5 (VCC) -> Adafruit vIN

Check for the VESC UART port info

It's important to make sure you wire your Adafruit CTS to GND otherwise your comms won't work.

VESC Configuration

Your VESC needs a couple of bits setup in BLDC Tool. In App Configuration tab choose the UART side tab and set the Baud Rate to 9600.
In the General side tab, I have chosen PPM an UART but I don't think you need UART chosen here (to be confirmed)

Wired up?

With the above wired up, your VESC should now be powering your Adafruit UART friend. Fire up and see if the Adafruit blinks red.

Now install the iOS code onto your device and run the app. It will connect to the Adafruit, which should light up a blue LED, and it will try and run a COMM_GET_VALUES on the VESC.

Using the app

When the app detects a VESC, a Start Recording button will appear. Tap this and the app will stream VESC data onto a graph.

Long press on the graph to change the VESC variable you want to view.

Drag you finger along the graph to pinpoint values.


Control Mode

I have added a basic control mode to the app. It lets you send COMM_SET_CURRENT commands to the VESC using a simple slider. When the VESC is detected a button will appear in the top left to access Control Mode. DO NOT RIDE WITH THIS!!! Seriously!! Control Mode is currently just for testing your VESC and the app, it's not designed to ride your VESC powered vehicle with.


Massive thanks to Benjamin Vedder for creating the VESC and open sourcing all his hard work:
Also thanks to RollingGecko who provided a lot of code that I based this all on:


iOS Code to enable VESC communication via Adafruit UART Friend






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