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Releases: gqrx-sdr/gqrx

Gqrx SDR 2.17.3

21 Oct 13:50
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  • Fixed: Delete key shortcut for bookmark removal.

Gqrx SDR 2.17.2

10 Oct 01:28
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  • New: FORCE_QT6 and FORCE_QT5 CMake options to force Qt version.

Gqrx SDR 2.17.1

09 Oct 17:17
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  • New: Delete key clears the waterfall.
  • New: I/Q tool can save recordings in SigMF format.
  • New: Holding Ctrl speeds up mouse wheel zoom.
  • Improved: Reduced CPU utilization of waterfall display.
  • Changed: DMG release requires macOS 12.7 or later.

Gqrx SDR 2.17

01 Oct 19:40
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  • New: "Avg" plot mode, which displays average of FFT bins.
  • New: "Fill" plot mode, which displays both maximum & average of FFT bins.
  • New: "Histogram" plot mode, which displays distribution of FFT bins.
  • New: Selectable plot scaling: dBFS, dBV/RBW, dbV/√Hz, dBm/RBW, dBm/Hz.
  • New: Min hold line in plot.
  • New: A/B measurement markers on plot.
  • New: Plot tooltip displays delta from demod frequency.
  • New: Dropped frames are indicated by red background in FFT Settigns panel.
  • New: "Avg" waterfall mode, which displays average of FFT bins.
  • New: "Sync" waterfall mode, which mirrors averaged data from plot.
  • New: Support for RTL-SDR Blog V4 in AppImage and DMG releases.
  • New: Save FFT plot center frequency in settings.
  • Improved: Peak detection algorithm.
  • Improved: Peak detection uses peak hold data when available.
  • Improved: Maximum FFT size increased to 4M.
  • Improved: Maximum frame rate increased to 500.
  • Improved: Averaging slider is consistent across frame rates.
  • Improved: Visibility of text in axes.
  • Improved: Full support for high-DPI screens in plot & waterfall.
  • Improved: Plot & waterfall performance.
  • Improved: Plot can be zoomed & resized while DSP is stopped.
  • Improved: FFT window setting is stored as a string.
  • Improved: Waterfall span setting is stored in milliseconds.
  • Improved: Added 6 dB attenuation to WAV file recordings to prevent clipping.
  • Improved: Use logarithmic scale for frequency zoom slider.
  • Improved: Reduced CPU utilization of demodulators.
  • Improved: Properly handle smooth scrolling.
  • Improved: Shorten band names to fit in narrow spaces.
  • Improved: Delay plot & waterfall drawing until samples arrive from hardware.
  • Changed: Frequency zoom slider zooms around center of display.
  • Changed: Disallow scrolling beyond the FFT frequency limits.
  • Changed: Default narrow FM deviation increased to 5 kHz.
  • Fixed: Time on waterfall is calculated correctly.
  • Fixed: Frequency is correctly rounded in I/Q filenames.
  • Fixed: Crash in AFSK1200 decoder.
  • Fixed: Hang when setting a very narrow filter width.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent 1-2-5 scaling of amplitude axis.
  • Removed: "Save waterfall" feature.

Gqrx SDR 2.16

28 Apr 18:16
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  • New: Restore AM & AM-Sync settings between sessions.
  • New: Set/get audio gain via remote control.
  • New: Only show bookmarks for active tag groups in the panadapter.
  • Fixed: Loading of narrow FM tau setting.
  • Fixed: Crash when adding or removing bookmark tags.
  • Fixed: Redraw bookmarks immediately after changes.
  • Fixed: DX cluster spots fail to expire around midnight.
  • Fixed: AGC sensitivity bug introduced in version 2.15.10.
  • Improved: Rendering of frequency control and S-meter on some high-DPI screens.
  • Removed: Support for GNU Radio 3.7.

Gqrx SDR 2.15.10

14 Apr 01:21
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  • New: Restore FFT zoom level between sessions.
  • New: Restore peak detect & peak hold between sessions.
  • New: "Z" keyboard shortcut sets frequency offset to zero.
  • Fixed: Remove empty frame from bottom of I/Q tool window.
  • Fixed: Sudden scrolling of file list in I/Q tool window.
  • Fixed: Reset zoom slider after right click on panadapter / waterfall.
  • Fixed: Aliasing when input rate is higher than 2 Msps.
  • Improved: AGC performance.
  • Improved: WFM stereo & OIRT performance.
  • Improved: I/Q swap performance.
  • Improved: Apply amplitude normalization to FFT window functions.

Gqrx SDR 2.15.9

09 Apr 19:22
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  • New: Qt 6 support.
  • Fixed: Slider widgets don't work correctly on MacOS Monterey.

Gqrx SDR 2.15.8

25 Jan 22:49
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  • Fixed crash when DSP is restarted after a long pause.
  • Removed usage of deprecated Qt APIs.
  • Return correct RDS status in remote control.
  • Allow ordinary IP addresses to be used in remote control settings.

Gqrx SDR 2.15.7

23 Jan 17:43
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  • Fixed errors & warnings in appstream metadata & desktop entry.

Gqrx SDR 2.15.6

22 Jan 20:17
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  • Install icon, desktop entry, and appstream metadata.