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Gqrx SDR 2.4

@csete csete released this
· 939 commits to master since this release
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New features

  • Bookmarks.
  • FM RDS decoder using gr-rds.
  • Frequency tooltips on the FFT area (disabled on Mac).
  • Filter shape selector (soft, normal, sharp).
  • Slider to aid zooming on the frequency and dB axes.
  • RFSpace Cloud-IQ support (still testing).
  • OIRT stereo decoder (Daniil Cherednik).
  • Input decimator.

Bugs fixed

  • Prevent crash due to device errors while starting the application.
  • Use hardware frequency in IQ file names.
  • FFT averaging could not be disabled.
  • "Could not resolve pattern10600" error messages in the terminal.
  • Antenna selection error with USRP B210 (Ethan Trewhitt).
  • LNB LO value not updated in I/O config dialog.
  • Initial gain of RTL-SDR devices is no longer 0 dB.
  • DSP freeze when setting FM de-emphasis time constant to 0.
  • Use correct main category in desktop entry file.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Support up to 1M point FFT.
  • Fractional PPM correction.
  • AGC peformance.
  • FFT performance.
  • Right click on frequency digit to clear digits.
  • Robustness against malformed remote control commands.

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