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Answering all your (and some of my own) GitHub API/automation questions live at

Got any questions or ideas? You can

Upcoming shows

Past shows

How I use this repository

I keep track of how I use this repository over time as I hope to automate most of it eventually πŸ˜‚

A show usually starts out with an idea on twitter, such as the idea to audit repository access using GitHub Actions. If we agree to make a show about it, I turn it into an issue with a 🏷 show label such as πŸ“… 4/29 @ 1pm PT - GitHub Enterprise repository auditing with @jeffwilcox. If the idea needs some more research, I turn it into an an issue with an 🏷 idea label such as πŸ’‘ How to use Environments + Secrets.

I add all 🏷 show issues to this README as well as on

I use the issue for preparation, to make sure the guests (if any) and I are on the same page, and to have a rough outline of steps I want to go through during the show. I try to keep the shows to 30 minutes and getting stuck in an unforeseen problem could blow that time limit very quickly, so I like to be prepared. I invite everyone interested in the show to subscribe to the issue.

When the show goes live, I add a comment with a link to, and also send a tweet that the show is going live shortly.

After the show I add a comment to the Twitch recording for people who missed the live show. I also add notes from the show.

Then I upload the recording to YouTube and add another comment with a link to the video on YouTube, as this one won't be removed after 14 days.

After that, I close the issue, and move the show to the "Past" section in this README as well as on

Progress on automating this repository

My goal is to automate everything about my helpdesk show that can be automated. You can find a list of past and upcoming shows about automating helpdesk at

  • automate "Upcoming shows" / "Past shows" sections in the repository README β€” #10
  • automate "Upcoming shows" / "Past shows" sections on my profile page β€” #10
  • add a comment to the issue when I go live on twitch
  • Schedule tweet 30 minutes before the show goes live
  • Schedule tweet when the show goes live
  • add comment with a link to the twitch recording once it's available
  • Send out tweet when the video is available on YouTube
  • add a comment with a link to the video on YouTube once it's available in maximal resolution
  • figure out a way to populate show notes from twitch comments


Answering all your GitHub API/automation questions live on Twitch




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