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Control a headless browser console right from your terminal

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PhantomJS Console

Control a headless browser console right from your terminal

Phantom Console Screencast


PhantomJS, the headless browser

got brew? lucky you:

$ brew update && brew install phantomjs

other systems: it's simple, too

1, 2 ... done

$ cake -l console

Put your commands in the following file:
$EDITOR .command.js

Exit with ^ + C

 > console.log(location)


# open command file
$ $EDITOR .command.js 

# start console
$ phantomjs

You can also use cake to open the command file and to start the console. This will let you run coffeescript commands.

$ cake -l console

Every time you hit save in your editor, the command will be executed within the scope of the passed location (a url or a local path)

How does it work?

PhantomJS executes, wich is continuously watching for changes of the .command.js file. When ever a change appears, it loads and deletes its contents and executes it as command within the scope of the passed location.

That's it. Feedback most welcome

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