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Mutual Information Calculator

Calculates Mutual Information and dump results in a CSV file. Let's say you have some files, each belong to a certain class (Machine Learning classes). Now you want to find the top terms in those files w.r.t. Mutual Information.

You then do the following

# Path to our data files
my_path = '/folders-path/folder-name/'

# We need to tell it which file prefix is tied to which class
# {'s':'Spam', 'h': 'Ham'} => 
# 	All files staring with s will be considered as Spam dataset
#	All files staring with h will be considered as Ham dataset
# Files in my_path should start with s and h accordingly 
my_classes = {'s': 'Spam', 'h': 'Ham'}

mi = MutualInformation(files_path=my_path, classes=my_classes)

# Will dump output in a csv file	


  • Name: Tarek Amr
  • Twitter: @gr33ndata