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A c4d wrapper around Redshift API
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Wrapper class for the current API of Redshift for c4d
More detailled documentation Here
Download a minified version here Example for use minified version

Class Presentation


**Redshift class is the main wrapper. Use it for any interaction of the GraphView.

  • set_mat, Make sure to call it before any others one. Set on which material change are done.
  • IsRedshiftMaterial, check if material is a redshift material.
  • CreateMaterial, create a redshift material.
  • GetAllNodes, return list of all Node in the material.
  • CreateShader, create a shader inside the material.
  • RemoveShader, remove a shader inside the material.
  • CreateConnection, create a connection beetween 2 node and 2 port_id.
  • RemoveConnection, discconnect all connections from a node and a given port.


Node class represent a c4d.modules.graphview.GvNode inside a redshift shader network.

  • [], set / get parameter of GvNode attached to the Node object.
  • GetNode, return the c4d.modules.graphview.GvNode attached to the Node object.
  • GetType, return the type of the node str for Redshift, int for xpresso node.
  • GetColor, return the color of the GvNode.
  • SetColor, set the color of the GvNode.
  • GetName, return the name of the GvNode.
  • SetName, set the name of the GvNode.
  • SearchPort, search a GvPort and return it.
  • ExposeParameter, Add a GvPort for a given parameter.


Represent all metaname possible for create redshift shader.

  • GetDefaultColorNode, return the default color node from a given type.


Basic exemple to get the redshift material, add a fresnel shader and constant node, and link all nodes. (Constant => Fresnel => Material => Output)

import c4d
from RedshiftWrapper.Redshift import Redshift
def main():
    rs = RedshiftWrapper()
    #Assign Material
    #Create Constant Node
    ConstNode = rs.CreateShader(c4d.ID_OPERATOR_CONST, x=100, y=500)
    #Create Fresnel shader and expose parameter
    FresnelNode = rs.CreateShader("Fresnel", x=200, y=500)
    FresnelNode.ExposeParameter(c4d.REDSHIFT_SHADER_FRESNEL_USER_CURVE, c4d.GV_PORT_INPUT)
    #Connect Constant and fresnel
    rs.CreateConnection(ConstNode, 0, FresnelNode, 0)
    #Get default material node and output node
    listNode = rs.GetAllNodes()
    MatNode = None
    OutPutNode = None
    for node in listNode:
        if node.GetNodeType() == "Output":
            OutPutNode = node
        elif node.GetNodeType() == "Material":
            MatNode = node
    if not MatNode or not OutPutNode:
    #Expose a paramter of the material
    #Connect Fresnel shader to the material
    rs.CreateConnection(FresnelNode, 0, MatNode, 0)
    #Connect material shader to the output
    rs.CreateConnection(MatNode, 0, OutPutNode, 0)
if __name__=='__main__':


To use it as a library simply copy RedshiftWrapper folder into

  • Windows
%AppData%\MAXON\CINEMA 4D RXX\library\python\packages\win64
  • Mac
/Users/"YOURUSERNAME"/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D RXX/library/python/packages/win64

Even if I suggest to use it as a library you are free to only include it into your project. For doing it in proper way I suggest you to read Best Practice For Imports from official support forum and then use py-localimport from Niklas Rosenstein


Tested and build on Redshift 2.5.32 and R17/R18/R19

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