Demo application presented at GR8Conf Europe 2014
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GR8 Contact

This is a demo application based on the Grails Web Application Framework and the GR8 CRM plugin suite. It was first presented at GR8Conf Europe 2014 by Göran Ehrsson @goeh.

The application is a simple Contact Management application where you can manage your companies and contacts.

The repository has five branches: master and m1-m4 that represents snapshots in time when developing the application.

master: A plain Grails application, created with grails create-app

m1: The plugin crm-contact-ui was installed and contact (company/person) CRUD features are available.

m2: The plugin crm-content-ui was installed and documents/files can now be attached to contacts.

m3: The plugin crm-task-ui was installed and tasks/appointments with contacts can now be scheduled.

m4: The plugin cookie-layout was installed and two themes were created to show that UI can change depending on sub-domain.

GR8 Contact Manager

Greach 2015 - The Groovy spanish conf

Four new branches were created for the speak Cut your grails application to pieces - build feature plugins at Greach 2015.

m1-greach: Same as m1 but with Greach theme applied.

m2-greach: Same as m2 but with Greach theme applied.

m3-greach: Same as m3 but with Greach theme applied and option to import Greach 2015 speakers as contacts.

m4-greach: Same as m4 but with Greach theme available. Three themes (Greach, Gr8ConfEU and Gr8ConfUS) available at run-time.