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Welcome to the Iron Backpacks wiki!

This wiki applied to Iron Backpacks version 2.2.x (i.e. Minecraft 1.10.2+)


Iron Backpacks deals with portable storage and item manipulation through tiered backpacks and a system of modular upgrades.

This mod adds tiered backpacks (Basic, Iron, Gold, and Diamond), each of which can be upgraded from the previous tier to give more storage room as well as more upgrade points. Higher tiers (i.e. Iron and above) require a specialization, either maximizing the upgrade points or the raw storage space.

Upgrade points can be used to apply a number of upgrades (over 20 different ones) to the backpack to improve its functionality. Specific information about each upgrade can be found in the sidebar.

Each backpack can be equipped, making it render on the player.

Getting Started

Check out the sidebar to the right to select the information you need.


Note: This Wiki is a living source of documentation, in that it may change as the mod itself changes. Furthermore, expect the relevant information to be applicable only for the latest, supported version of the mod.

Note 2: This Wiki is a work in progress. I'm really busy with school, but you can still expect more content to be added incrementally!



  • Overview
  • Controls
  • Tier System


  • Overview
  • Button Upgrade
  • Compression Upgrades
    • Compression Upgrade
    • Small Compression Upgrade
    • Decompressing Upgrade
  • Damage Bar Upgrade
  • Filter Upgrades
    • Basic Filter Upgrade
    • Fuzzy Filter Upgrade
    • Ore Dictionary Filter Upgrade
    • Mod Specific Filter Upgrade
    • Mining Filter Upgrade
    • Advanced Filter Upgrade
    • Void Filter Upgrade
  • Resupply Upgrade
  • Nesting Upgrades
    • Nesting Upgrade
    • Advanced Nesting Upgrade
  • Depth Upgrade
  • Quick Deposit Upgrades
    • Quick Deposit Upgrade
    • Precise Quick Deposit Upgrade
  • Eternity Upgrade
  • Additional Upgrade Points Upgrade
  • Renaming Upgrade


Development Process

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