A Javascript implementation built on GraalVM
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A high performance implementation of the JavaScript programming language. Built on the GraalVM by Oracle Labs.

The goals of Graal JavaScript are:

  • Execute JavaScript code with best possible performance
  • Full compatibility with the latest ECMAScript specification
  • Support Node.js applications, including native packages
  • Allow simple upgrading from Nashorn or Rhino based applications
  • Fast interoperability with Java, Scala, or Kotlin, or with other GraalVM languages like Ruby, Python, or R
  • Be embeddable in systems like Oracle RDBMS or MySQL

Getting Started

See the documentation on the GraalVM website how to install and use Graal JavaScript.

$ $GRAALVM/bin/js
> print("Hello JavaScript");
Hello JavaScript


Extensive documentation is available in docs, for users and contributors of the engine.

For instance, a guide how to build Graal JavaScript from source code can be found in Building.md.

Current Status

Graal JavaScript is compatible with the ECMAScript 2017 specification. New features, e.g. for the upcoming 2018 edition, are added frequently. In addition, some popular extensions of other engines are supported, see JavaScriptCompatibility.md.

Graal JavaScript can execute Node.js applications. It provides high compatibility with existing npm packages, with high likelyhood that your application will run out of the box. This includes npm packages with native implementations. Note that you will need to re-compile from source with Graal JavaScript if you want to run binaries that have beeen compiled for Node.js based on V8, or any other compatible engine.

Graal JavaScript Reference Manual

A reference manual for Graal JavaScript is available on the GraalVM website.

Stay connected with the community

See graalvm.org/community on how to stay connected with the development community. The discussion on gitter is a good way to get in touch with us.


The main authors of Graal JavaScript in order of joining the project are:

Andreas Woess, Christian Wirth, Danilo Ansaloni, Daniele Bonetta, Jan Stola, Jakub Podlesak, Tomas Mysik, Jirka Marsik


Thomas Würthinger, Josef Haider, Christian Humer

Collaborations with:

and others.


Graal JavaScript is available under the following license: