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Python Changelog

This changelog summarizes major changes between GraalVM versions of the Python language runtime. The main focus is on user-observable behavior of the engine.

Version 1.0.0 RC8

  • Report allocations when the --memtracer option is used
  • Initial support for pickle module

Version 1.0.0 RC7

  • Enhance the java interop builtin module with introspection utility methods

Version 1.0.0 RC6

  • Support regular expression patterns built from bytes by using CPython's sre module as a fallback engine to our own
  • Support LLVM 5+ for C extension modules
  • Introduce native sequence storage so that e.g. Python bytes exposed to C can be mutated
  • Introduce lazy string concatenation to significantly speed up benchmarks where strings are concatenated repeatedly
  • C-API improvements to support more scikit-learn code
  • Fix our distinction between builtin functions, functions, and methods to make the classes for builtin functions equivalent to CPython
  • Improve set, frozenset, and dict support
  • Attach Python exceptions as cause to ImportErrors raised for C extension modules
  • Update standard library to CPython 3.6.5
  • Support more code object attributes
  • Support constant type ids for objects that are interned on CPython
  • Add collections.deque
  • Document how to contribute
  • Improve efficiency of generators
  • Enable re-use of ASTs in multiple Contexts in the same Engine

Version 1.0.0 RC5

  • Generator expressions now properly evaluate their first iterator in the definition scope at definition time
  • Fixes for embedders to ensure top scopes are stable and local scopes always contain TruffleObjects
  • C-API improvements to support simple Cython modules
  • Support recognition of Python source files with the polyglot launcher

Version 1.0.0 RC4

  • No changes

Version 1.0.0 RC3

  • Support for more String encodings
  • Implement buffered I/O
  • Remove our random module substitute and use the standard library implementation
  • Fix a potential thread-safety problem with cached parse trees when multiple Python contexts are used from multiple threads
  • Complete support for math module builtins
  • C-API improvements to run simple scikit-learn and NumPy examples
  • Support the buffer protocol to wrap arbitrary Python sequences with no copy into NumPy arrays

Version 1.0.0 RC2

  • Updates to the polyglot and embedding APIs
  • Many additions to the language core implementation
  • Performance improvements to the parser
  • C-API improvements to compile and run simple C extensions
  • Support breakpoints on caught and uncaught exceptions in debugger

Version 1.0.0 RC1

  • LICENSE set to The Universal Permissive License (UPL), Version 1.0.