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GraalVM Demos

This repository collects demo applications and benchmarks written in Java, JavaScript, R, Ruby, and other JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala. These programs are illustrating diverse capabilities of GraalVM.


Every top level folder here contains demo sources and the instructions on how to run that particular demo are in its To run a demo, clone this repository, enter the demo folder, and follow steps in the

Running in a Docker Container

Some of the demos (console-based, non-GUI) can be run inside the confinement of a Docker container. After cloning the repository, but before running any of the demos, do the following:

  1. Build the GraalVM demo Docker image of choice:

    cd docker-images
    ./ "java11-21.2.0"

    Note: You can find valid tags to specify as parameters here.

  2. Return to the root directory of the project and run the GraalVM demo Docker container built above:

    ./ "java11-21.2.0"

Once the Docker container is running, go to the folder of the respective demo, and follow the instructions from its Note that GraalVM runtime built with Docker will already contain additional GraalVM components such as Node.JS, Ruby, Python etc., required to run some of the demos.

Running GUI-based applications inside a Docker container requires some intermediate VNC Viewer to access the GUI interface.

  1. Download and install any VNC Viewer. A number of free or commercial VNC Viewers can be found [here]((
  2. Wait for the container to be ready, then run VNC Viewer.
  3. Log onto (type it in, in case copy-paste does not work) via the VNC Viewer to access the GUI interface. You will get an xterm screen, where you can type in your commands just like the Docker console or any other CLI prompt.

Finally, from the root directory of this repository, run a Docker container with the GraalVM runtime in it:

DEMO_TYPE="gui" ./ "java11-21.2.0"

Tested Compatibility

The demos are normal applications and benchmarks written in Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, etc., so they are compatible with any virtual machine capable of running Java, JavaScript and so on. You can run it on the stock JVM, Node, etc.. However, these examples were tested and are known to work with GraalVM 21.2.0 builds based on JDK 11.

Further Information


Unless specified otherwise, all code in this repository is licensed under the Universal Permissive License (UPL). Note that the submodule fastR-examples which is a reference to the graalvm/examples repository has a separate license.


This repository contains several small applications. These programs illustrate the capabilities of GraalVM








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