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This repository contains several small applications. These programs illustrate the capabilities of GraalVM
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GraalVM Demos

This repository collects demo applications and benchmarks written in Java, JavaScript, R, Ruby, and other JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala. These programs are illustrating diverse capabilities of GraalVM.


Clone this repository. Every top level folder here contains a demo sources and the instructions on how to run that particular code are in its

Tested Compatibility

The demos are normal applications & benchmarks written in Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, etc., so they are compatible with any virtual machine capable of running Java, JavaScript and so on. You can run it on the stock JVM, Node, etc..

However, these were tested and are known to work with:

  • GraalVM 1.0.0 RC9

Further Information


Unless specified otherwise all code in this repository is licensed under the Universal Permissive License (UPL). Note that the submodule fastR-examples which is a reference to the graalvm/examples repository has a separate license.

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