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Application Initialization at Build Time

This example demonstrates the ability of native-image to run parts of your application at image-build time.

In both examples we use the Jackson framework to parse a JSON file to determine which Handler should be used by the application (CurrentTimeHandler or HelloWorldHandler) at runtime.

  • In configure-at-runtime-example the JSON parsing happens at image runtime and thus contributes to the image startup time. In addition all methods and static fields that are part of the Jackson framework that are needed are part of the native-image.

  • In contrast configure-at-buildtime-example performs the JSON parsing as part of building the image. In this case the image does not contain any parts of the Jackson framework (can be verified easily by adding -H:+PrintAnalysisCallTree to the <buildArgs> in pom.xml). When this image gets executed it can run the handler right away since it was already determined at build time which hander should be used.

To learn more about this topic please read Initialize Once, Start Fast: Application Initializationat Build Time.

Use following instructions to build the examples:

  • Download GraalVM 19.3.0 from
  • Extract the tarball and set JAVA_HOME to the GraalVM release directory.
  • Install native-image with $JAVA_HOME/bin/gu install native-image.
  • Change to the example subdirectories and run mvn package there.
  • Once you are done with building both images run:
    • $JAVA_HOME/bin/native-image --server-shutdown
  • The built executables are:
    • configure-at-runtime-example/target/example
    • configure-at-buildtime-example/target/example
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