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GraalVM demos: Spring Boot using R packages demo

This repository contains the code for a demo application for GraalVM.



Download or clone the repository and navigate into the spring-r directory:

git clone
cd graalvm-demos/spring-r

This is a simple Java Spring application that uses GraalVM interop to load an R script, which uses typical R packages, ggplot2 in this case.

Before running this example, you need to build the application. Make sure you export $GRAALVM_HOME, add $GRAALVM_HOME/bin to the $PATH. Set JAVA_HOME=$GRAALVM_HOME to be able to add graal-sdk.jar to the classpath.

Install R support for GraalVM:

gu install R

Install R dependencies. The following command will download the sources for the ggplot2 dependencies, and place them into GraalVM distribution. (Note: it can take a couple of minutes.)

Rscript -e "install.packages(\"ggplot2\")"

Run mvn spring-boot:run

When the application is ready, open http://localhost:8080/load.

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