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Fennec is a tool you can use to manage and analyse a trade mark portfolio. You can also allow PR/design teams to check whether you are registered in a particular country to allow them to use appropriate trade marks ('R'/'TM' etc). A working demo is here.

Here's what the admin panel looks like:


As a preliminary step you will also need Node.js installed. Additionally, the app uses

  • MongoDB to store data, (so you'll need insert details at /server/config/db.js)
  • Sendgrid to send reminder emails so would require those details if you want to make use of the app, (details inserted at /server/config/admin.js)
  • Elasticsearch for search functionality
  • an Amazon S3 bucket to store images (key and secret will go in /server/config/s3.js)
  • Mapbox to show maps - you will need to insert your own id in the maps directive at /client/views/map/map-directive.js

To get a copy of the code on your system just git clone and then in the home directory npm install to install the dependencies. Once the importing process has been completed, you can node app in the home directory and go to http://localhost:2002 where you will be asked to create an account (this should be an admin account). From that point, you will be taken to /select-portfolio where you can surprisingly, select your portfolio for viewing.

To import trade marks you should create an account, then go to /upload to upload an .xlxs spreadsheet. This requires the columns to be in the following order at this moment in time so you should amend your portfolio as necessary (column headers don't actually matter, only the order):

Country | Mark | Classes | Filing Date | App. No. | Reg. Date | Reg. No. | Status | Expiry Date

The code also assumes:

  • dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • numbers in classes are comma separated
  • for the purposes of analysis statuses have to be either "Registered", "Published" or "Pending".

Once import is successful, you can navigate to /select-portfolio to see your portfolio.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the functionality offered by the app or are interested in getting me to configure your portfolio for you.

Third party code

In addition to the packages listed in package.json use is also made of: