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IGNITE Contributing Guidelines

Thank you so very much for taking your time to contribute to IGNITE! This project is not possible without contributions, so be certain that you are helping to make the difference in the life of many scientists. Thank you!

Table Of Contents

Code of Conduct

Before you start

How to work on GitHub

How to contribute

Code of Conduct

If you decide to participate in this project, we assume you agree with the IGNITE Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to

Before you start

IGNITE is a project to make a solid, fun and practical workshop aimed at training scientists so that they can understand how they can do SciComm and how they can harmonize that with their research. You can read more on our philosophy and aims in our README file, and in our Roadmap.
This is a completly open project, and every contribution made to it is also completly open. Keep that in mind, and let's move foward!

Project organization

        ⊢Communication basics/  
Additional resources/  

Each lesson subfolder has the same structure. This map can change through the project development, so take a look here once in a while.

How to work on GitHub

If you're new to GitHub, take some time to understand how a repository works. Don't worry if you find it difficult, we can always help!
GitHub has its own guides which are really useful. Basically, you need to know how to file an Issue and how to contribute directly to the core contents of the project by submitting a pull request. Please, be as clear as you can in both cases, describing what is the problem/suggestion/solution in details. Also, be sure that your suggestion/problem/solution was not addressed in another Issue before.

How to contribute

First of all, let me ask you a question: what do you like to do? How do you have fun? Take your time to think about it...

Ok, ready?
Now let me give you some options.

  • If you like to manage projects, organize things, networking, or marketing, try the tasks described in Funding, Collaborators, help spreading the survey or organizing a workflow for workshop organizers.
  • If you like writing, taking photos, drawning, podcasts, public speaking, scicomm videos, or education, try the tasks in Lessons. We need to build content and lots of feedback. Feel free to contribute in any language!
  • If you are more of a webdesign person, you can try the tasks in Website.
  • If you enjoy translating things, try the Translations issues.
  • If you don't like any of these things, but you are curious, interested or hate science communication, you can help us by answering and spreading the survey.
  • If you know how we can make our materials more accessible, try this issue.


We will build the surveys in the Google Forms. You can contribute by suggesting questions in the Issue#1, collecting data (asking people to answer the questions anonimously) or analysing the data collected. Of course users can use the survey to better assess the public of their community. Therefore, it is important that data analysis is reproducible and the scripts are available here in the repo.


You can discuss the syllabus, suggest sources and modifications in the Issues. Also, you can fork the repo and build class and activities scripts as markdown files. The slides will be primarily made in Google Presentations (you can add you contribution there!), but we can have editable markdown slides aswell.


You can fork the repository or copy the files and translate every material available here. If you copy the file, please upload it back in a cloud service or in your own repository and let us know in the Issues where we can find the translation and how we can incorporate it in our project.


We will keep an editable Google Sheet (with detailed metadata) where you can provide all information you have about potential funders. If you want to, you can create a markdown document with tips for asking for funding and make a pull request for us to add it to our repository.


If want to be part of this workshop as an expert or know someone who would love to help, you can fill a simple form with your infos (or send it to your friend) and we will make it available here so hosters can invite you to participate in their workshops.

Visual Identity

Your design skills are very needed! Feel free to work however you want, and you can link your material in the Issues. There you can also discuss with other contributors about your ideas.


It is preferable that we build a free and open source website (maybe a GitHub page?) that we can use this very repo to host. Discuss your needs in the Issues and we will find solutions.

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