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Slides for 2018

This are slides of my presentation about Anyblok / WMS Base for the 2018 conference (2018-10-06).

Of course, since is the annual gathering of the french speaking Pythonistas, these are entirely written in french.

If you're looking for the revision actually projected at the event, this was or will be the tag.

How to generate and watch

  • install hovercraft with python3:

    python3 -m venv hoverenv
    hoverenv/bin/pip install hovercraft
  • run hovercraft:

    hoverenv/bin/hovercraft prez.rst
  • open http://localhost:8000 in your favorite web browser

How to install and run the examples

Minimal set of steps

  • create a virtualenv:

    python3 -m venv venv
  • install the demo project:

    pip install -e wms_demo
  • have a running PostgreSQL cluster and run the following commands as a user that's bound to a PostgreSQL user (role) that has the right to create a database.
  • create the database and install the provided demo blok in the database:

    venv/bin/anyblok_createdb -c demo.cfg
  • add some data for the examples (french version):

    venv/bin/add_data -c demo.cfg
  • Translate the data to english if you wanna try the examples from the english version of the talk:

    venv/bin/translate_en -c demo.cfg
  • Play with it:

    venv/bin/anyblok_interpreter -c demo.cfg


Thanks to Lennart Regebro and to the impress.js developers.


Slides for presentation of Anyblok / WMS Base at 2018 (in french)







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