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import mysql.connector
class Queries(object):
"""Database queries"""
def __init__(self, cursor):
self.cursor = cursor
def department_budget(self, department_name):
"""Get department budget by name"""
query = "SELECT budget FROM departments WHERE name = %s;"
self.cursor.execute(query, (department_name,))
return self.cursor.fetchone()[0]
def department_expenses(self, department_name):
"""Get department expenses by name"""
department_query = "SELECT id FROM departments WHERE name = %s;"
self.cursor.execute(department_query, (department_name,))
department_id = self.cursor.fetchone()[0]
expenses_query = "SELECT sum(salary) from employees where department_id = %s;"
self.cursor.execute(expenses_query, (department_id,))
return self.cursor.fetchone()[0]
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