Apple's reachability class
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Apple's reachability class

Author: Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz <>

1   General

If you are an iOS developer and want to know the state of the network, you are likely going to reach for the source Apple provides with its Reachability sample. This sample provides a drop in class which tells you about the status of the network. Simply add to your project and use.

This is yet another copy but stored at github so I can refer to it as a submodule and avoid the copy/paste work when theres an update. I've renamed the class to have a prefix so it doesn't clash with other libraries including their own version (yes, sometimes happens). I've also added a few convenience methods which are most likely of no use to other than me. Use diff against Apple's original version to see all modifications.

See Apple_ReadMe.txt file or the source code to find out what version this repo has been updated to. Browse my github profile at for other source code. You can find other of my creations on the App Store under my Electric Hands Software brand ( which you can also find at

2   License

This happens to be licensed by Apple, see the source code comments. Essentially you are allowed to shot yourself in the foot with this from multiple network locations at the same time.