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#import "NSObject+ELHASO.h"
#import "ELHASO.h"
@implementation NSObject (ELHASO)
/** Runs a block after a specified amount of time.
* This is just a wrapper over performSelector:withObject:afterdelay:. Based
* on code found at
* which was based on Mike Ash's code. This doesn't use GDC at all, so it
* depends on run loops and everything else related.
* Remember that since this uses a runloop to queue the block execution, this
* has to be run from a thread with a run loop (ie. the method will assert when
* not run from the ui thread).
- (void)after:(NSTimeInterval)delay perform:(void (^)(void))block
block = [[block copy] autorelease];
[self performSelector:@selector(run_block:)
withObject:block afterDelay:delay];
/** Helper of after:perform:.
* Simply runs the specified block, not very useful by itself.
- (void)run_block:(void (^)(void))block
// vim:tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 syntax=objc