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## Reverse Engineering / Malware Analysis
* [Practical Malware Analysis](

Considered to be the bible of malware analysis. This book teaches from the ground up, beginning with static analysis of a file, all the way through to complete disassembly of a file. Lab exercises of increasing difficulty are also included and are well worth the time if you are looking to move into malware analysis.

* [Malware Analyst's Cookbook](

Once you've picked up some basic malware analysis techniques from PMA, this book will help you with a lot of the threat hunting and automation side of malware analysis, focusing on honeypots and scripts for various tasks. For example - how to identify a potential domain generation algorithm within a binary and then how to write a Python script that will loop through the DGA function and pull out all generated domains.

* [Windows Internals Part 1, 6th Edition](

A deep dive into how Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 functions at the lowest level. Understanding the operating system which a piece of malware is targeting is crucial in a lot of cases. Not only will it help you understand what a piece of malware may be trying to do, it will also highlight additional methods of troubleshooting and debugging Windows systems, providing a better base of knowledge for your malware analysis skills. Part 1 covers - Concepts and Tools, System Architecture, System Mechanisms, Management Mechanisms, Processes - Threads - Jobs, Security, and Networking.

* [Windows Internals Part 2, 6th Edition](

Part 2 covers - I/O System, Storage Management, Memeory Management, Cache Manager, File Systems, Startup and Shutdown, Crash Dump Analysis.

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