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There are mixed opinions on certification within InfoSec, regardless of your opinion, below are some links that may of interest for you to dig through yourself.

List of Certifications


As SANS themselves says - "Information security training, network & cyber security training, certification, and research in cyber defense, pentesting, ethical hacking, digital forensics." Some of the courses are still really great and regularly updated, while others haven't changed for quite a while. They do have some amazing instructors and very smart folk, but be warned, it's not cheap. While SANS do run courses worldwide, their major market with most options and courses annually is the US.

SANS offers its courses in on premise, physically (at a SANS conference) and online.

Certifications for SANS courses are through GIAC and their gold-standard, master certification, the GSE, is their only hands-on certification involving 3 certs, papers, a minimum of 4 multiple-choice tests and a 2-day lab.


Online Security Courses

Offensive Security

From the folk who created Offensive Security, these certifications are entirely performance-based in a real-life environment, there are no multiple choice questions.

Offensive Security Certifications

Hak5 - Pentest with Hak5

Pentest with Hak5


A complete list of InfoSec Certifications can be found on Wikipedia.

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