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Welcome to the gradle-fury wiki!

Why would you want to use Gradle Fury?

  • If you're angry at gradle
  • Pretty and Accurate POM files
    • Proper name, description, licenses, developers, year inception, packaging, dependencies, and test dependencies. (All of these things gradle either does wrong or doesn't do at all)
  • Easy artifact publishing
  • Publishing of Java JAR, WAR, and Android artifacts with variants (arm, x86, etc) to
    • Maven Local
    • Nexus repositories
    • Supports GPG signatures, SHA1 and MD5 artifacts
    • With Javadocs and Sources jars
    • Coming soon - distribution only projects and Java projects with 'application' and 'distribution' artifacts
  • Tested and proven to work with direct publication to Maven Central
    • No need to upload your private keys anywhere
  • Publishing of distribution packages only (no code, just a zip basically) with pom generation (note, it won't publish to mavenLocal, but it will publish to remote repos)
  • Centralized properties file to control settings for
    • min/target sdks
    • versions and version codes
    • android plugins
    • and more!
  • Password encryption support - no more clear text passwords!
    • Publish passwords for nexus
    • GPG passwords if needed
    • Android signing keys
  • Ability to skip a specific modules publication to nexus
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