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import dev.gradleplugins.GitHubSourceControlManagerExtension
import dev.gradleplugins.GitHubSourceControlManagerPlugin
import dev.gradleplugins.OpenSourceSoftwareLicensePlugin
plugins {
id 'dev.gradleplugins.experimental.setup'
id '' version '0.0.21' apply false
allprojects {
version = rootProject.file('version.txt').text
group = 'dev.gradleplugins'
apply plugin: GitHubSourceControlManagerPlugin
extensions.configure(GitHubSourceControlManagerExtension) {
apply plugin: OpenSourceSoftwareLicensePlugin
//// TODO: Fails the build if running with anything else than Java 8 (or fix the projects so we can execute the build on other Java version)
//dependencies {
// implementation(kotlinModule("stdlib", kotlin_version))
//repositories {
// mavenCentral()
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