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As of v3 this action has been superceded by gradle/actions/setup-gradle. Any workflow that uses gradle/gradle-build-action@v3 will transparently delegate to gradle/actions/setup-gradle@v3.

Users are encouraged to update their workflows, replacing:

uses: gradle/gradle-build-action@v3


uses: gradle/actions/setup-gradle@v3

See the setup-gradle documentation for up-to-date documentation for gradle/actions/setup-gradle.

Execute Gradle builds in GitHub Actions workflows

This GitHub Action can be used to configure Gradle and optionally execute a Gradle build on any platform supported by GitHub Actions.

Example usage

name: Build

on: [ push ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: Checkout sources
      uses: actions/checkout@v4
    - name: Setup Gradle
      uses: gradle/gradle-build-action@v3
    - name: Build with Gradle
      run: ./gradlew build

As of v3, the gradle/gradle-build-action action delegates to gradle/actions/setup-gradle with the same version. Configuration and usage of these actions is identical for releases with the same version number.

See the full setup-gradle documentation for more advanced usage scenarios.