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The home of Gradle's support for natively compiled languages.

Latest updates

You can track closed issues and our regular updates in our release notes.

We have a #native Slack channel on the Gradle Community Slack.

What is gradle-native?

As of 4.1, Gradle includes several plugins for building applications and libraries from C++ and Swift sources. Check out the blog post for an introduction.

  • Issues related to Gradle's support for native languages are tracked in this repo.
  • This repository also includes some WIP documentation and release notes
  • Samples are in the native-samples repo.
  • The source code for the plugins still lives in the gradle repo and will migrate here over time.

For more information about Gradle, please visit:

This project adheres to the Gradle Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.


  • Compile and link libraries and applications from C++ and Swift source.
  • Build C++ for macOS, Linux and Windows.
  • Build Swift for macOS and Linux.
  • Supports GCC, Clang, Visual C++, MinGW compilers.
  • Fast parallel, incremental compilation for C++.
  • Incremental compilation for Swift.
  • Distributed caching of C++ and Swift compilation.
  • Transitive dependency management, including support for composite builds and pre-built binaries from a Maven binary repository. Other pre-built binaries are not yet supported.
  • Source dependencies.
  • Publishing dependencies to a Maven binary repository.
  • Tool chain discovery based on requirements declared in the build, including discovery of these compilers when running on cygwin or using Visual C++.
  • Xcode integration, to allow you to generate Xcode workspace and project files from your Gradle build.
  • Visual Studio integration, to allow you to generate a Visual Studio solution and project files from your Gradle build.
  • XCTest integration, supported on macOs and Linux.


If you're looking to contribute to Gradle or provide a patch/pull request, you can find more info here.