@bamboo bamboo released this Nov 23, 2016 · 107 commits to master since this release

General Notes

Gradle Script Kotlin v0.5.0 greatly improves startup performance by caching compiled build script classes. v0.5.0 is expected to be included in the upcoming Gradle 3.3 RC1.

IMPORTANT: This release requires the latest IntelliJ IDEA Kotlin Plugin from the EAP 1.1 channel (1.1-M02+).

The features in this release are also available for immediate use within the latest Gradle Script Kotlin distribution snapshot. To use it, upgrade your Gradle wrapper in the following fashion:

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-distribution-url

Updates since v0.4.1

  • Compiled build scripts are cached (#31). For a very positive, noticeable, impact on startup performance, specially on multi-project builds. We consider this to be a major milestone in the project for Kotlin build script startup performance is now on par with that of Groovy build scripts.
  • Build scripts outside the imported project can be edited with the correct classpath (#181). With previous Gradle Script Kotlin releases, IntelliJ IDEA would always assume the buildscript classpath of the imported project for its content-assist features, even when editing a build script from a different project. With this release, IDEA will now assume a classpath computed from the project containing the open build script.
  • Improved Gradle API (#124, #125, #126 and #162). Many methods in the Gradle API previously only available to Groovy have been overloaded with versions better suited to Kotlin.
  • Better interoperability with Groovy plugins (#153). The existing closureOf helper has been improved to set the Closure's owner object and it's now compatible with a wider set of Groovy plugins. A new delegateClosureOf helper was introduced to facilitate interoperability with plugins requiring Groovy Closures that operate directly on the Closure's delegate instead of its first argument.