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@big-guy big-guy released this 05 Aug 21:33
· 6332 commits to release since this release

This is a patch release for 7.5. We recommend using 7.5.1 instead of 7.5

Read the Release Notes

We would like to thank the following community members for their contributions to this release of Gradle:
Michael Bailey,
Josh Kasten,
Lieven Vaneeckhaute,
Stefan Neuhaus,
George Thomas,
Anja Papatola,
Björn Kautler,
David Burström,
Vladimir Sitnikov,
Roland Weisleder,
Konstantin Gribov,
David Op de Beeck,
Rene Groeschke,
Jonathan Leitschuh,
Aurimas Liutikas,
Jamie Tanna,
Xin Wang,
Atsuto Yamashita,
Taeik Lim,
Peter Gafert,
Alex Landau,
Jerry Wiltse,
Tyler Burke,
Matthew Haughton,
Filip Daca,
Simão Gomes Viana,
Vaidotas Valuckas,
Edgars Jasmans,
Tomasz Godzik,
Lajos Veres

Upgrade instructions

Switch your build to use Gradle 7.5.1 by updating your wrapper:

./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=7.5.1

See the Gradle 7.x upgrade guide to learn about deprecations, breaking changes and other considerations when upgrading.

Reporting Problems

If you find a problem with this release, please file a bug on GitHub Issues adhering to our issue guidelines.
If you're not sure you're encountering a bug, please use the forum.