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This is a patch release for Gradle 6.2.

This fixes several critical bugs in Gradle 6.2:

  • Project name disambiguation causes project / external dependency conflicts to be missed. #12315
  • IdeaModelBuilder does not provide groovy-all as compile dep for buildSrc #12274
  • Gradle crashes if GRADLE_RO_DEP_CACHE is set and it cannot create modules-2 directory within it #12293

All issues fixed

We recommend that you use Gradle 6.2.1 over the initial release of Gradle 6.2.

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Upgrade Instructions

Switch your build to use Gradle 6.2.1 by updating your wrapper:

./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=6.2.1

See the Gradle 6.x upgrade guide to learn about deprecations, breaking changes and other considerations when upgrading to Gradle 6.2.1.

Reporting Problems

If you find a problem with this release, please file a bug on GitHub Issues adhering to our issue guidelines.
If you're not sure you're encountering a bug, please use the forum.