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Gradle Kotlin DSL 0.15.6 Release Notes

Gradle Kotlin DSL v0.15.6 brings Kotlin 1.2.21, initialization scripts support, cleaner script compilation error reporting, performance improvements and better IntelliJ IDEA integration.

v0.15.6 is included in Gradle 4.6 RC1.

To use it, upgrade your Gradle wrapper in the following fashion:

$ gradle wrapper --gradle-version 4.6-rc-1

Breaking changes

Starting with this release, Gradle Kotlin DSL depends on kotlin-stdlib-jdk8 instead of kotlin-stdlib-jre8.
See what's new in Kotlin 1.2 for more information.

Updates since v0.14.2

  • Initialization scripts support (#123).
    Gradle initialization scripts can now be written in Kotlin.
    Editing support in IntelliJ IDEA is available starting with the Kotlin IntelliJ Plugin 1.2.30-eap-47:
    IMPORTANT: IntelliJ IDEA differentiates an initialization script from a regular build script by its file name which must end with .init.gradle.kts.

  • Cleaner script compilation error reporting (#123).
    Script compilation errors are now reported properly by Gradle, no need to scroll up the log to see what failed, and they are displayed in context to make diagnosing the cause easier:

  • Performance improvements (#696, #707).
    The new in-memory script cache significantly increases the amount of avoided work when reusing a Gradle daemon or applying the same script more than once in a single build.

  • Kapt sample (#616).
    A new sample demonstrating the usage of Kapt on a Kotlin project was introduced.

  • IntelliJ IDEA improvements

    • (#715) Generated static accessors are now available when editing buildSrc/build.gradle.kts.
    • (#714) Editor will no longer discard the script classpath when facing errors greatly reducing the probability of "whole file red" situations. To get the most out of this change upgrade to IntelliJ Kotlin Plugin >= 1.2.30-eap-47.

Plus some API additions and bug fixes. For the complete list see the gradle/kotlin-dsl issues for 0.15.x.

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